BCBS of Massachusetts: The Alternative Quality of Contract

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has developed a new approach to paying for health care, The Alternative Quality Contract, which is intended to improve the quality of care that patients receive and slow the rise in health care costs. Doctors and hospitals are rewarded for keeping patients healthy and for effectively managing chronic illnesses.

"This is the right way to practice medicine . I'm being compensated for providing better care for my patients, quality care, and I don't have to be rushing, and my patients are doing better." 
-Dr. Damien Folch, Family Physician, Chelmsford, MA 

 "I think already our cost trends have flattened, and I think by working closely together, creating efficiencies, meeting quality metrics, I think our care is going to be more affordable in the long run."  
- Dr. Peter Roman, Orthopedic Surgeon, Lowell General Hospital

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