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Institute is the Answer

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The Institute is the go to conference for thousand of professionals year after year.
Video Fresh Thinking  Fresh Thinking, Fresh Ideas

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You’ll be inspired with fresh thinking and fresh ideas. It’s your opportunity to clear your schedule and break away from your day to day routine.


Video Brad Wilson  Hear From Top-Notch Talent

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Brad Wilson discusses the top-notch talent that are drawn to Institute every year.
Video Holly Ackman  The Value of The Institute

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Holly Ackman explains that the value of the Institute is demonstrated by the continual growth in the number of attendees.
Video Eric Schultz  Listen to the Top Current Leaders in Our Space

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Eric Schultz talks about the exciting and informative speakers that present at the Institute every year.
Video Kelli Garvanian  Knowledge You Can Use for the Next Twelve Months

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Kelli Garvanian explains that you can see everything that’s new and emerging in the industry, hear from experienced qualified speakers, and take away valuable information.
Video Victor Manes  We’re All in This Together

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Sponsor Victor Manes talks about the many opportunities for collaboration at the Institute.
Video Jim Roosevelt  A Large Variety of Topics in One Meeting

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Jim Roosevelt discusses the variety of session options and learning opportunities available at the Institute.
Video Roy Ramthun  Networking Opportunities Are Always Available

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Roy Ranthun speaks about the vast number of opportunities the Institute provides.
Video Victor Manes 2  A No-Brainer For Me to Attend

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Sponsor Victor Manes discusses the benefits of the Institute’s wide appeal.
Video Kelli Garvanian 2  You Can’t Ignore the Friendships

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Institute workshop speaker Kelli Garvanian discusses how support networks are built and maintained at the Institute.

"With everyone’s busy schedules it can be hard to keep in touch with everything that’s happening. With so much change and innovation, the AHIP Institute provides a one-of-a-kind forum for vendors and health insurers to gain insight into one another’s worlds. The quality and depth of information shared and the networking opportunities facilitated by AHIP make this a must-do event every year."  

Bill Fox
Senior Director, Health Care

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