The 5010 / ICD-10 Implementation Toolbox is intended to provide research and reference resources and AHIP member presentations and testimony on issues related to implementing ASC X12 5010 and ICD-10.  The materials in the toolbox will be revised and updated as needed.  This toolbox is not intended as a substitute for legal or compliance advice.

Are You Ready for the HIPAA and ICD-10 Changes? We’ll Help You Get There
Implementing revised HIPAA standards and the adoption of ICD-10 codes is a significant undertaking for health insurance plans and involves extensive planning and execution. AHIP and Deloitte Consulting LLP have developed a nine-part Virtual Seminar series that will help get you ready. The series will focus on key components of the HIPAA and ICD-10 regulatory changes mandated by the Department of Health and Human Services. Click here for specific topics and dates.

AHIP Web Resources

International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10) (Jul 28, 2009) (.pdf)
Timeline Chart (Jul 28, 2009) (.doc)
Press Release from NCHICA - WEDI (Jul 22, 2009) (online)
ICD-10 Timeline Update from NCHICA - WEDI (Jul 15, 2009) (online)
NCHICA and WEDI Release New Timeline for HIPAA Implementation (Feb 11, 2009) (online)
HIPAA X12 Modifications Timeline Database (Feb 9, 2009) (online)

Government Documents

ICD-10 CMS Notice of C&M Meeting (Aug 6, 2010) (online)
ICD-10/Version 5010 Industry Listening Session Summary (Jul 13, 2010) (online)
SE1019 - ICD 10 Implementation Info as of 6-2010 (Jul 13, 2010) (.pdf)
The ICD-10 Transition: An Introduction (Jul 13, 2010) (online)
Talking to Your Vendors About ICD-10 and Version 5010: Tips for Medical Practices (Jul 13, 2010) (online)
ICD-10 Basics for Medical Practices (Jul 13, 2010) (online)
Talking to Your Customers About ICD-10 and Version 5010: Tips for Software Vendors (Jul 13, 2010) (online)
Department of Health and Human Services Final Rule: Update to HIPAA Electronic Transaction Standards (Jan 16, 2009) (.pdf)
Department of Health and Human Services Final Rule: Adoption of ICD-10 Code Sets (Jan 1, 2009) (.pdf)

Speeches and Presentations

IQ ICD-10 EMR Based Predictive Modeling and Dual Coded Solutions (Aug 18, 2011) (.pdf)
Progress Report: Industry Readiness for 5010/ICD-10 Implementation (Jan 2011) (.pptx)
Compliance Readiness for ICD10 /5010 and Operating Rules (Oct 2010) (.pdf)
ICD-10 Implementation (Jul 20, 2010) (.pdf)
Navigating ANSI 5010 and ICD-10 Implementation Challenges (Jul 20, 2010) (.pdf) 
ICD-10 Crosswalk Consortium Update (Jul 20, 2010) (.pdf)
5010 Perspectives And Other Insights (May 11, 2010) (.pdf)
NCVHS Activities on the Implementation of 5010 and ICD-10 (May 11, 2010) (.pdf)
5010 / ICD-10 Virtual Seminar Series Highlights and Key Initiatives for 2010 (Apr 20, 2010) (.pdf)
5010 and ICD-10 – Perspectives of Harvard Pilgrim (Apr 20, 2010) (.pdf)
5010, D.0 and ICD-10 Transition in an Integrated Care Delivery System: The Kaiser Permanente Experience (Mar 16, 2010) (.pdf)
Provider Communications” Health Care Service Corporation (Mar 16, 2010) (.pdf)
ICD-10: Fraud and Abuse; The Paradigm Shift (Feb 16, 2010) (.pdf)
Payer and Provider Considerations on Key ICD-10 Issues (Feb 16, 2010) (.pdf)
“Case Management and ICD-10” – Health Care Service Corporation (Jan 26, 2010) (.pdf)
Freezing ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes (Nov 10, 2009) (.pdf)
ICD-10 / ICD-9 Mapping and Crosswalks – Implications from CMS Reimbursement Mapping (Nov 10, 2009) (.pdf)
ICD-10: Defining and Addressing the Challenges (Oct 20, 2009) (.pdf)
ASC X12 5010 – HCSC Perspective (Sep 22, 2009) (.pdf)
ICD-10 Business Impact Assessment Approach (Aug 18, 2009) (.pdf)
ICD-10 Healthcare Industry Mapping Position Statement (Jul 22, 2009) (.pdf)
Issues and Concerns for Insurers to Begin Preparations for Version 5010/NCPDP D.0 & ICD-10 (Jun 3, 2009) (.pdf)
Building the Foundation for Successful HIPAA Implementation; Early Adopters: Payer Perspective (May 11, 2009) (.pdf)
Issues and Concerns as Insurers Begin Preparations for Version 5010/NCPDP D.0 &ICD-10 (May 11, 2009) (.pdf)

Testimony / Statements

AHIP Testimony to NCVHS on Delayed ICD-10 Implementation (June 20, 2012) (.pdf) 
NCVHS Subcommittee on Standards Implementation of the Updated HIPAA Transaction Standards and ICD-10 Code Sets Presentation by Sidney Hebert, Humana Inc. on behalf of America’s Health Insurance Plans (Dec 9, 2009) (.pdf)

AHIP Comments and Letters

AHIP Letter to HHS on the Administrative Simplification Proposed Regulation Concerning the Health Plan ID and the Change in the ICD-10 Compliance Date (May 17, 2012) (.pdf)
Recommendations Concerning Modification to the Medical Data Code Set Standards to Adopt ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS (Oct 21, 2008) (.pdf)