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Dental insurance provides millions of Americans with coverage for routine preventive and other dental services. Often part of a comprehensive employee benefits package, dental insurance encourages use of preventive dental services that have been proven to prevent unnecessary dental decay and periodontal diseases.


Dental GuidingGuiding Principles for the Development of Quality Affordable Dental Coverage Based on Evidence (January 2008) This paper promotes the idea that all decisions should be based on scientifically derived evidence and not anecdotal evidence or opinion. It presents principles as the foundation upon which to build guidelines and policies and makes recommendations to promote transparency and accountability. We hope that it stimulates both discussions and actions that lead to all our decisions being more evidence-based and our limited resources being invested wisely.

Reasonable Assurance of Essential Pediatric Dental Coverage - [PDF]
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Dental Legislation-Non-covered Dental Services - [PDF]
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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Regulatory Guidance and HIPAA Excepted Benefits - [PDF]
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Guide to Dental Insurance - [PDF]
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Iowa Adds Dental Claim Determinations to External Review Process
Governor Terry Branstad (R) recently signed into law HF 2463, which amends Iowa’s external review statute to add denials of coverage for dental care services to the adverse determinations subject to review.
Articles | Product Policy | 06/26/2014

CCIIO Releases List of Issuers of Stand-alone Dental Plans in FFE States
The Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) released a document that lists the number of issuers that intend to offer stand-alone dental plans (SADPs) in states that are expected to have either a Federally-facilitated Exchange (FFE) or a State Partnership Exchange.
Articles | Product Policy | 05/22/2014

Colorado Proposes Regulation Concerning Pediatric Dental Coverage Requirements
The Colorado Department of Insurance issued Proposed Regulation 4-2-50, which would prohibit carriers from selling individual and small group health benefit plans that lack pediatric dental essential benefit (EHB) coverage without first obtaining reasonable assurance that such coverage has been purchased.
Articles | Product Policy | 05/22/2014

Florida Legislature Passes Dental Discount Legislation
Earlier this month, the Florida legislature passed SB 86 (HB 31), which prohibits contracts between a dentist and a health insurer from containing provisions that establish fees by the health insurer for non-covered services.
Articles | Product Policy | 05/22/2014

Maine Approves Legislation on Coverage for Services by Dental Hygiene Therapists
Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) approved Chapter 575 (LD 1230), which requires insurance plans that provide dental services to provide coverage for services performed by a licensed dental hygiene therapist when those services are covered benefits and are within the lawful scope of practice of the dental hygiene therapist.
Articles | Product Policy | 05/22/2014

Tennessee Releases 2015 Qualified Health and Dental Plan Filing Guidance
The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) released guidance on filing 2015 Affordable Care Act forms and rates.
Articles | Product Policy | 05/22/2014

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