Health plans have long supported Exchanges as one option among many to provide consumers with access to innovative plan choices and clear and consistent information that can help aid decisions about all coverage options.

Enrollment in the health insurance Exchanges is from November 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016. The Exchanges will be run either by states directly, through a federal-state partnership or by the federal government solely. Individuals and families purchasing coverage through the Exchanges may be eligible for subsidies depending on their income level. For more information on subsidies, check out our fact check here.

Want to know how it all works? Check out our infographics that outline the process for new consumers and returning consumers.

5 Steps for New Consumers 
to Enroll 
7 Steps for Currently Enrolled
Customers to Renew Coverage
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    Who Can Enroll in the Exchanges?

    Individuals and employers classified as Small Groups under state law can purchase coverage through the Exchanges. Most states classify employers as Small Group if they have 50 or fewer full time employees, but a few states consider groups with up to 100 employees to be “Small Groups.”

    The health reform law also requires that all Americans carry health insurance. This is intended to reduce the incentive for people to wait to purchase coverage until after they are sick or injured, which would unfairly penalize everyone with insurance.

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    What Do These Changes Mean?

    The health care reform law will expand access to insurance and broaden insurance benefits. Everyone can sign up, including those with pre-existing medical conditions. These new benefits bring new costs. Financial assistance will be available to help qualifying individuals and families pay for coverage. Even with this new assistance, the new benefits will cause some people who currently have insurance to pay more than they do today. 

    So how will premiums be impacted? It depends. The impact on premiums will vary depending on where you live, what coverage you have today, and your age, health, gender and income.
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