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Medicaid health plans are playing a growing role in the Medicaid program. More than 27 million low-income individuals throughout the country-- representing nearly 50 percent of total Medicaid enrollment-- rely on Medicaid health plans. Medicaid health plans are at the forefront of implementing systems and programs that not only provide better care coordination for beneficiaries, but also help states control escalating program costs and achieve a high value for their health care dollars 

Medicaid health plans are helping states to modernize their delivery systems for vulnerable populations. For example, prior to enrolling in Medicaid health plans, many beneficiaries lacked primary care providers and, instead, relied on costly emergency rooms as their access point for services. Health plans are providing beneficiaries with continuity – and lower costs – through a dedicated provider that can coordinate care. In addition, beneficiaries often have needs that go beyond medical care that include behavioral and social welfare challenges. Medicaid health plans help facilitate patients’ contact with local, community-based services that can address broader needs. Medicaid health plans are also working with expectant mothers to provide prenatal care and counseling to help them transition to caring for newborns – programs that may far exceed anything available under Medicaid fee-for-service.

Medicaid health plans achieve cost savings for states while outperforming the fee-for-service program on key quality measures. According to a Lewin Group analysis of 24 state Medicaid Managed Care studies, Medicaid health plans provide savings of up to 20 percent compared to the fee-for-service programs. The analysis also showed that a comparison of drug costs under FFS programs vs. Medicaid health plans in multiple states found that the costs per-member per-month were 10 to 15 percent lower for health plans than for fee-for-service programs.

By bringing a coordinated and holistic care approach to Medicaid, health plans are improving the health and well-being of millions of low-income individuals and families and helping states to maximize scarce resources.

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