Molina: Shots for Shorties and Check Up or Check Out

Molina's Shots for Shorties program provides outreach and incentives to improve immunization rates among African American children in Detroit. From the time of the program's launch in 2004 to 2010, the percent of children under age 2 who received recommended immunizations rose from 38.3 percent to 70.2 percent.

In 2006, Molina Healthcare partnered with the Michigan Department of Community Health to create the Check Up or Check Out program to encourage African American men to have annual preventive care visits. From 2006-2010, rates of cholesterol and blood glucose testing, as well as colorectal and prostate cancer screening, more than tripled. 

"They do keep me updated on what's going on with her, like if she has any doctor's appointments, or if she needs anything, I do get calls telling me that." 
-Charlotte Taylor, Molina member and mother

"It made a big difference, I think, in a lot of men who now came in for the Check Up or Check Out program, and now they come regularly, as opposed to just never coming."
- Dr. Anthony Clark, Health Centers Detroit Medical Group

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