SCAN Health Plan: SCAN Van - On the Road to Health and Independence

As a not-for-profit, senior-focused health plan, SCAN believes that its responsibility extends far beyond providing health benefits and access to needed care. An important part of our mission is to help improve the quality of life for older adults and to support our communities as they work to meet the challenges that this growing population faces.

Through our outreach activities and an investment of targeted resources, we work to support and encourage active and healthy lifestyles, to engage older adults in health maintenance, and collaborate with local service partners to meet gaps in community services. One way we have accomplished this is by taking our mission "on the road" with the SCAN Van.

Launched in March 2010, the SCAN Van is the nation's first mobile resource center built specifically for seniors and caregivers. The "SCAN Van" combines cognitive exercises with activities that stimulate physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles. Delivered through the SCAN Van, the multi-pronged approach to lifestyle and brain health includes the:

Preventive health screenings: A dozen health screenings are offered and provided to meet the specific demographics and respond to the needs of the population in each community.

Brain gym: 20 brain training games, each designed to target one or more of the 5 major cognitive functions of memory, language, attention, visual spatial skills and executive function.

Wii gaming console: Moderate physical engagement by way of virtual bowling.

Overall health and lifestyle guidance: Health education materials and videos are available on board, developed specifically to address the needs of older adults.

The SCAN Van offers seniors the opportunity to educate themselves about, and understand the importance of, a healthy lifestyle in maintaining health and independence. To that end, the goal of the SCAN Van is to assist older adults in remaining independent and healthy for as long as possible.

Using a mobile approach ensures that we are delivering support and services directly where older adults live and in places that they are familiar with - - community centers, senior centers, senior housing residences, etc.

The SCAN Van has traveled almost 5000 miles and touched more than 1200 lives in 10 different cities. Those individuals that visit the SCAN Van typically spend 15 to 20 minutes on board and engage with our community specialists, health care technicians and partnering community based organizations. Providing resources to underserved communities remains a top priority for the SCAN Van including low income, minority and monolingual non-English speaking older adults.

Year over year we foresee that the SCAN Van will continue to grow in services and lives impacted. The SCAN Van reflects SCAN Health Plan's commitment to partnering with our communities to bring knowledge, expertise and services to older adults and their networks of care.

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Program Contact:
Lena Perelman
Director, Community Outreach



SCAN Health Plan® is a Medicare Advantage plan serving the needs of more than 128,000 members in California and Arizona. The goal of the organization is to continue to find innovative ways to enhance seniors' ability to manage their health and to continue to control where and how they live. Since its inception, SCAN has provided the care needed to keep more than 50,000 seniors out of nursing homes. Today, SCAN is the fourth largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage health plan in the United States. Founded in 1977, SCAN is headquartered in Long Beach, California.