Innovations in Patient-Centered Care

The Affordable Care Act identified the goal of reducing preventable hospital readmissions as an important national priority. Health insurance plans have been addressing the root causes of readmissions for many years, through patient-centered programs such as nurse advice lines, health coaching, disease management, and case management. These programs help patients quickly find high-quality medical care and social services in their communities so that they can avoid emergencies.

As hospital admission and readmission rates have climbed in recent years -- particularly in Medicare -- health plans have refined their existing patient-centered programs and added new ones.

Some of the latest and most successful programs to improve care and reduce preventable readmissions focus on: providing patients with a Medical Home; Transitional Care; Home-Based Care, and Emergency Room Follow-Up. To learn more, click on the links below.


Emergency Room Follow-Up
Home-Based Care
Medical Home
Transitional Care 


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