How Analyzing Your Customer Interactions Is Key to Navigating the Affordable Care Act

February 26, 2013
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST

 Presented by Nexidia Inc. 

Healthcare organizations are going through unprecedented transformational changes and reforms.  To keep up with these changes, companies need to support a new business model in which they focus on consumerism.  For example, the establishment of state exchanges will require healthcare companies to shift their business practices from a predominately group model to an increasingly individual focus.  Industry changes like these will force companies to focus on and measure customer experience if they want to maintain and increase membership. The new rules also introduce more challenging compliance regulations and bring mandates for managing administrative costs, including customer care costs, in ways not previously seen by the industry.

The key to navigating these changes and being able to respond quickly lies within information already being generated – the interactions coming into your company.  Interaction Analytics allows you to organize and analyze the data contained within these interactions in order to enact meaningful change.  Understanding why members contact you, and how you handle their inquiries, gives you direct insight into the member experience.  The analysis also generates opportunities for reducing operational costs, improving compliance and further understanding the needs of a changing market.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Interaction Analytics
  • Why Interaction Analytics is the trusted data source for many healthcare organizations
  • How the application of Interaction Analytics can organize the topics driving contacts into your organization, giving you a starting point for analysis
  • How Interaction Analytics applies empirical analysis to help organizations quantify where to focus change as it relates to the Affordable Care Act
  • How to get started using Interaction Analytics

Join us on February 26 to learn how you can build your healthcare analytic foundation. 


Jean Patrick, General Manager Healthcare Practice, Nexidia.  Jean is an accomplished executive with over a decade in leading the design, development and delivery of healthcare and government solutions.  As General Manager, she is leading efforts focused on our healthcare strategy, business development and alignment of product capabilities based on key healthcare reform initiatives.  Jean helps Nexidia customers maximize business value by leading solutions focused on:

  • consumer directed healthcare,
  • administration and cost efficiencies
  • increased member and provider satisfaction
  • compliance requirements
  • executing on healthcare transformation within a multi-channel environment

Mike Hutchison, Vice President of Professional Services, Nexidia - Mike is a seasoned veteran with more than a decade of Contact Center Management and Analytics Experience. Mike has led multiple analytic engagements that have demonstrated substantial cost savings to healthcare companies while increasing compliance and experience metrics. 

The content presented in this webinar is solely attributable to the speaker and does not represent an endorsement by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) of the accuracy of the information presented in the audio conference or any opinion expressed by the speaker.