A Multi-Touch Approach to Member Retention

July 17, 2014
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST

Presented by Eliza Corporation 

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The huge influx of new people joining Medicaid this year is just one of the many challenges that the ACA has posed to payers, not to mention the shifting timelines and approaches to member engagement that the various states are taking. In addition to dealing with these seismic external forces, Medicaid MCOs also struggle to keep this population – many of whom struggle with low health literacy levels, language barriers, and transient lifestyles— engaged in their health and healthcare. In fact, recent industry research reveals that 85% of health plan executives consider member engagement “mission critical” to their business to attract and retain members and deliver better financial results. A key element of these engagement strategies is the recertification process – giving members the education and support they need that will ensure they retain their healthcare year after year. When created and executed well, a strategic, multi-touch member satisfaction and retention plan has the potential to effectively onboard new Medicaid members (whether they are assigned their plan or whether they select it); keep them engaged throughout the year; and streamline the recertification process – yielding higher member satisfaction, better retention, stronger revenues, and lower re-enrollment costs.

Learn how one large national Medicaid MCO has developed and implemented a comprehensive member engagement strategy that expands the view of member retention beyond the renewal process by proactively engaging members at critical points in their relationship with the plan. Touch points include onboarding, PCP selection, resource optimization, and recertification outreach – all delivered through timely, relevant, outreach that shares information while gathering valuable member feedback. This webinar will describe key elements of this multi-touch, multi-modal communication plan and share relevant success metrics, including Return-on-Investment calculations.

Attendees will learn:

  • Elements of a successful multi-touch, multi-modal member retention strategy • Best practices in program design – from effective targeting and messaging strategies to effectively incorporating member feedback and program analysis 
  • How to preserve and strengthen brand by integrating a communications strategy across various departments and stakeholders (including multiple state Medicaid programs) 
  • How to measure short-term and long-term success in a health plan’s member satisfaction and retention initiative


Melissa Kubilus, Director, Member Engagement/Outreach, WellPoint  

Melissa Kubilus, Director, Member Engagement/Outreach, WellPoint Melissa manages member outreach and retention activities for the WellPoint Government Business Division, focusing on achieving quality and membership goals for the company’s Medicaid health plans through targeted, cost-effective outreach. Prior to her current role, she led a team of copywriters and graphic designers in developing compelling member and marketing materials that met strict regulatory and compliance requirements across a multitude of states.

Marc Jeffreys, SVP Consumer Markets, Eliza Corporation

Marc Jeffreys, SVP Consumer Markets, Eliza Corporation Marc is responsible for Eliza’s strategy and planning for Medicare, Medicaid, and Individual plan clients – particularly in the context of health care reform’s shift towards consumerism. He brings deep experience in the health insurance market, including his prior role as Director and Head of Marketing Strategy in the Direct Marketing & Analytics division of Aetna. In that role he was responsible for marketing strategy and planning for Aetna’s individual Medicare, individual voluntary and group retiree business lines.


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