America's Health Insurance Plans

Payment Options

The following payment options are now available for AHIP’s educational offerings:

  • Credit Card Payment—This option is available to both PDAs and students at the time of purchase for all AHIP programs and products. AHIP accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • Debit Account—Companies can set up a debit account with AHIP where they can regularly deposit funds that can be used by students or PDAs for the purchase of any AHIP course, publication, workshop, or virtual seminar. If a student makes a purchase from AHIP using their company’s debit account, the PDA will need to approve the purchase online through his or her company's account. There are no administrative fees associated with setting up a debit account. In addition, there are no minimum balances required and the amount of deposit is at the discretion of the PDA and his or her company. To set up a debit account with AHIP, fill out Debit Account Deposit Form and mail it to America’s Health Insurance Plans; Finance Department; 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW; South Building, Suite 500; Washington, DC 20004 or fax to 202.955.4397.

  • Invoicing—Invoicing is available to companies that have completed more than 100 enrollments in the past twelve months. Invoices are sent to companies on a monthly basis.

AHIP will not release grades, transcripts, or certificates until AHIP has received payment in full.