2013 Health Insurance Overview and Economic Impact in the States

This report provides an overview of state health insurance facts of interest to policymakers. Key indicators are presented for each state and the District of Columbia, and cover topics such as numbers of covered lives and types of health insurance coverage, jobs and wages in the health insurance industry, and major health insurance plans operating in the state.

Health Plans’ Estimated Costs of Compliance with Expanded Federal Rate Review and with Data Collection for Risk Adjustment and Reinsurance - [PDF]

In December 2012, AHIP conducted two surveys of member health plans regarding new regulatory guidelines released by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) for implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Plans were asked to submit responses to surveys concerning: 1) the proposed expansion of the federal rate review and data submission process, and 2) the proposed risk adjustment and reinsurance data collection process.

Research | Issue: Affordable Care Act, Rate Review, Rate Review, Risk Adjustment | Center for Policy and Research | 12/21/2012