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      Federal Marketplace Training


      Thousands of your colleagues have taken AHIP's CMS-recognized Medicare training course. Now, we're offering fully-supported, CMS-conditionally-approved training for the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM). All of our training programs are flexible, reliable, affordable and convenient.

      Learn more about AHIP's program, then return to the CMS site to learn more about registering today!


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      Careers at AHIP

      As a national trade association representing the health insurance industry, AHIP combines the fellowship of a small organization with the stability and strength our members represent. Here you can make a positive difference to the 200 million plus Americans our members serve. We foster innovation and opportunity. If you are looking for challenging and rewarding work, consider an AHIP career. Click here to view our current openings.

      Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V 

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      Reach Health Plan Decision Makers


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      Designed for IT professionals who want to know more about health insurance

      ICD-10 and 5010 Mandate—A Technology View 

      AHIP offers an online, mobile-friendly course that provides a basic understanding of ICD-10 code sets, ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversions, and coding diagnoses and inpatient hospital procedures. The first of several courses focused on providing IT professionals with knowledge necessary to implement health care reform, this course leads you toward earning the new AHIP Information Technology Professional (ITP) designation. For details about the course, visit our website. 

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      Important Knowledge for IT Professionals

      Introducing a New Online, Mobile-Friendly Course: Overview of Payer IT, Part A 

      During this time of reform implementation, health plans are embracing information technology in many creative ways to provide new services to members and providers. As an IT professional, this course will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to work on customer and core payer systems. You'll learn about self-service portals, new intake systems, network and membership management, client and benefit management, claims processing, and more.

      By passing this course and three other courses in the AHIP IT Series, you will earn the IT Professional (ITP) designation. Advance to the IT Fellow (ITF) designation by attending select AHIP IT workshops and webinars, and participating in the AHIP IT Series LinkedIn group.

      For more information and to register, visit the website.

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      Download the AHIP Conferences App

      Download the AHIP Conferences App
      Whether you’re registered for an AHIP conference or considering attending a future program, you’ll want to download the AHIP Conferences App to gain interactive access to AHIP resources, conference details, and more.

      Visit www.ahip.org/Conferences/App to download the app to your device or access the its mobile web version.

    • ACA Compliance Online

      Understanding the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

      We’re offering a series of interactive, online courses to help you better understand the specifics of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Four courses are available today; more will be announced throughout the year. Each course provides 90 calendar days from the time of registration to study and complete the online exam:

      Additionally, each course in the series offers one credit toward the Healthcare Compliance ProfessionalTMdesignation. For more information about the series, click here.

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      Stay informed about health care reform implementation

      Are you up to date with health care reform implementation?

      You understand the health insurance industry. You also understand how important it is to advance your knowledge and stay ahead of the issues and changes. But, with the day-to-day challenges of your career, are you challenged with keeping up with health care reform implementation?

      AHIP offers several courses that focus on the evolving health care system and the impact of reform initiatives. They can make it easier for you to digest all the knowledge you need to stay current. The courses are flexible and online, so you can comfortably fit them into your busy schedule.


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      AHIP Offers SmartBrief e-Newsletters for Time-Starved Professionals 

      If you’re a busy professional who wants to stay current about news and trends in the marketplace, AHIP’s complimentary e-newsletters are just right for you.  Articles are chosen from thousands of news sites, blogs, and other sources, and then summarized by expert editors, linked to the original sources for further reading, and delivered to your inbox daily.

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      Become an Affiliate Organization Member

      Increase your company's exposure to health plans, receive access to various AHIP member-only materials, and take advantage of exclusive discounts when you become an AHIP Affiliate Organization member. Click here for program details, including a full list of benefits.