4 Pieces Of Advice For Today’s Young Health Insurance Professional

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on June 27, 2016

“Millennial” is a way of thinking as much as it is as an age range, Clear Possibilities President Joe Judge told an audience at AHIP Institute and & Expo 2016. His presentation, the kick-off event for AHIP’s Young Professionals Network, was chock-full of career development advice for millennial health insurance professionals.

So what makes a millennial? They are intelligent, tech savvy, skilled multitaskers and collaborators. In addition to craving honest relationships with management, they want to genuinely enjoy what they do for a living.

Fielding questions from young professionals as well as managers with young professionals on their teams, Judge explained how to use those millennial traits to succeed in the health insurance workplace. In particular, he highlighted four things millennial workers need to demonstrate to their bosses:

1. Ability to prioritize work

  • The job description is just the beginning. See what assignments need to be done and help out.

2. Understanding of the value of teamwork

  • Face-to-face communication is critical. Communication isn’t just what works best for you (email, text) but what works best for others.

3. Healthy attitude

  • The way you think affects the way you feel, which affects the way you act.

4. Trust

  • Go straight to the source to avoid drama and create conversations that deal directly with an issue.

Do you know other essential tips for young workers in the industry or have you received professional advice that has enhanced your career? Let us know on social media with #AHIPYoungPro. Be sure to sign up more information and get involved with AHIP’s Young Professionals Network.

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