7 Ways To Make The Most Of An AHIP Conference

AHIP conferences bring together health care experts, policymakers, innovators, visionaries, and disrupters. With so much to learn and so many people to meet, a game plan is essential. To make the most of your time, try these tips:

1. Define why you’re going

Before you ask your management for the OK to attend, review the conference agenda, the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and especially, your goals. This will help you articulate why it’s important that you attend and the ROI you’ll deliver for your organization.

2. Plan your agenda

Approved to go? Great! Start planning your agenda. AHIP conferences often have multiple seminars at the same time. Choose sessions that make sense for what you do right now as well as your longer-range goals. Attending with other colleagues? Divvy up the sessions, then share your learnings and contacts later.

3. Be prepared

For onsite access to event activities, make sure you have: your conference badge, a government-issued photo ID, business cards, AHIP’s Conference App, the agenda.

4. Ask questions

Session Q&As are a great way to connect with people. Later, when you follow up by email or social media, you’ll be remembered.

5. Leverage social media

Grow your social media presence. Post photos, breaking news, and ask follow-up questions on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to use event hashtags to keep up with everything happening throughout the day (#AHIPMMD, #AHIPDigital, #AHIPInstitute).

6. Keep the momentum going

Back at the office, share what you learned – a great way to demonstrate ROI to your management. Many speaker presentations will be available online after the conference via a password-protected link.

7. Stay connected

Send follow-ups to new colleagues and potential partners. Staying in touch is an important part of networking.

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