99 Percent Of Recipients Say They Receive Excellent Service From Their Supplemental Health Insurance Provider

posted by Cathryn Donaldson

on April 19, 2018

WASHINGTON – There is nearly unanimous consent (99 percent) among those with a supplemental insurance plan that their insurance provider offers excellent service. The new survey by Global Strategy Group, on behalf of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), also found over 95 percent are satisfied with their supplemental plan benefits, which help augment their general health coverage.

Satisfaction with supplemental health plans is at an all-time high because they empower individuals and their families to continue living the life they’ve built while safeguarding their future. Supplemental coverage complements comprehensive medical coverage—and offers additional financial protection for extra expenses that can arise during a serious illness or injury, such as a disability, cancer diagnosis, or heart attack.

Everyone should wake up in the morning with peace of mind that if something happened, they and their loved ones are protected,” said Tom Meyers, Vice President of Product Policy for AHIP. “This study demonstrates that, more than ever, Americans are realizing the tremendous value and security these supplemental plans offer.

The vast majority of respondents reported that these plans provide high-quality, affordable coverage, are easy to navigate, and serve as a secure safety net against financial hardship. Key findings from the survey include:

  • Over 90 percent of respondents agree that their plans offer peace of mind and offer access to high-quality care
  • 96 percent say they are satisfied with their services and benefits covered by their insurance provider
  • 92 percent agree that their supplemental plan is affordable and 90 percent report that they receive tremendous value for their monthly premium
  • Over 90 percent say their plan was there when they needed it and 92 percent report their plan gives them peace of mind

AHIP and its members are committed to better financial health and well-being for American families, including through the additional security offered by supplemental insurance. The full 2018 survey methodology and top line results can be found here.

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