Group Health Cooperative: The Medical Home

Members of Group Health Cooperative receive primary care through the Medical Home initiative. Physicians lead teams of nurses, clinical pharmacists, physician assistants, and case managers to address all of patients' preventive, acute, and chronic care needs.

"The Medical Home model pretty much just sets us back to get the priorities where they should be and make the patient and physician a team." - James Bergman, M.D.

Medical Home Patients: 

"...You come in and you know everybody. Everybody knows your name. You feel totally comfortable contacting your doctors about anything." 

"There's no dumb questions, especially with the online.  You can e-mail your doctors anytime. That's awesome!" 

"...Working with Dr. Seaver, having lost some weight, I'm very excited to say that I've gone from taking four medications a day down to one...." 

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