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Older patients typically utilize more, and higher cost health care services than younger patients. One way states can ensure that coverage remains affordable for everyone is to use age rating bands that spread premium costs over a range of age groups.  For example, in a state with a 5:1 age band, the ratio limits the amount an older individual will pay to no more than five times what a younger individual pays in premium dollars. Currently 42 states have age rating bands that are 5:1 or more.   

Age Rating


Starting January 1, 2014, the law limits the age rating band to 3:1, causing an overnight increase in premiums for younger individuals (ages 18-49) that live in states that currently have higher age bands. This increases the likelihood that younger, healthier people will choose to pay the penalty and wait to purchase health insurance until after they get sick or injured, thus driving up costs for everyone else. An article from actuaries at Oliver Wyman published in Contingencies highlights the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) age rating restrictions on premiums.

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Age Rating Age Rating Restrictions  


To see how age rating will affect premiums, watch AHIP's new video:  

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