Online Wellness Courses

Whether you are designing a wellness program for your members, clients, or your own organization, you’ll want to take online courses focused on wellness

Wellness, Part One: Wellness, Prevention, and Value-Based Care  

You’ll discover everything you need to know about creating a worksite culture of health, including topics like the stages of program development, implementation and management of wellness initiatives, techniques for gaining employee participation, and measuring return on investment. For details, click here 

Wellness, Part Two: Combating Chronic Diseases through Workplace Wellness Programs 

This course examines health threats confronting workers and looks at ways wellness approaches can prevent or slow the progression of serious health concerns. You’ll cover topics such as the workplace as a venue for combating disease, tools to identify and reduce risks, why smoking is referred to as "the forgotten risk," and strategies for addressing unhealthy behaviors. For details, click here