Innovation, Policy And Research

State Policy

State Policy works with AHIP members and other departments internally to develop the industry’s policy positions and identify and analyze thousands of bills and regulations put forth by states each year that impact our member companies. We also track state actions on a multitude of issues from state mandated benefits to the development of health insurance exchanges and everything in-between.

Staff Contact

Samantha Burns
Executive Director
State Policy

Center for Policy and Research

AHIP’s Center for Policy and Research conducts and publishes original research that demonstrates the value health insurance plans provide to consumers and the U.S. health care system, and educates the policy community and news media about important health policy topics that impact the quality and affordability of health care.

Staff Contact

Craig Burns
Vice President

Innovation, Quality and Partnerships

The Clinical Innovation department works closely with member health plans to promote high-value health care for consumers by advancing strategies focused on delivery and payment system reform, wellness and prevention programs, management of chronic disease, and improving access to needed health care services. We work collaboratively with multi-stakeholder organizations to promote the transformation of the delivery system and highlight tools and best practices to support consumer decision-making.

Staff Contact

Elizabeth Goodman, JD, MSW, DrPH
Executive Vice President, Government Affairs & Innovations

Policy and Regulatory Affairs

Policy and Regulatory Affairs is comprised of three AHIP policy departments: Federal Programs, Product Policy and State Policy. Together, these branches develop policy resources to provide clarity and guidance on legislative and regulatory activity at the state and federal levels.

Federal Programs

AHIP staff provides analysis and guidance of regulations and federal laws to evaluate their effects on AHIP’s members and identify issues for comment and advocacy for Medicaid, Medicare, Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), TRICARE, and other federal health programs.

Product Policy

The Product Policy Department reaches out to members on an ongoing basis on legislative, regulatory, and other issues to facilitate the overseeing and coordination of AHIP policy and advocacy with respect to non-major medical insurance products – including dental, disability income, long-term care, Medigap, and supplemental insurance products. Department staff works to identify the unique issues bearing on the non-major medical product lines that AHIP represents – and to advance our members’ related interests.

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