Accelerating Recovery: An Analysis Of Senior Preferences To Guide COVID-19 Vaccine Planning

posted by Avalere+Tivity Health

on February 23, 2021

Executive Summary

The nation’s response to the COVID pandemic will require evidence-based approaches to ensure a comprehensive planning process, particularly for populations most impacted by COVID-19. However, the existence of timely and targeted data for these populations has been limited to date. This paper summarizes a targeted survey of US seniors administered by Tivity Health in fall 2020, assessing their perceptions on the development and distribution of a novel COVID-19 vaccine. Key findings include anticipated barriers to vaccine uptake among seniors based on survey responses. Finally, the paper outlines implications for nationwide vaccine planning and other considerations to inform the road to recovery for our nation’s seniors. Five takeaways are clear from the insights shared by respondents:

  1. Expert recommendations are not all equal in compelling seniors to action regarding vaccine adoption. Primary care providers, health plans, and pharmacists wield outsized influence.
  2. Out-of-pocket costs associated with receiving the vaccine are not clear to seniors, which could delay their plans to get the vaccine.
  3. The speed of vaccine development is closely tied to concerns and/or skepticism for respondents from a range of political backgrounds.
  4. Clear distinctions between “major” and “minor” side effects will be critical to provide for seniors and their immediate families to help guide their decision-making process related to the vaccine.
  5. Specific high-risk groups will benefit from targeted communications to better understand local approaches to prioritization in their communities.
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