AHIP And BCBSA Legislative Recommendations Concerning COVID-19

posted by AHIP

on March 19, 2020

This evening, as the nation continues to work to contain and mitigate risk from COVID-19, America’s Health Insurance Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association came together to offer their legislative recommendations to Congress for how to ensure that Americans can count on their health care coverage when they need it most. We also offer recommendations for ensuring that their doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other health care professionals have the resources they need to care for them.

This is especially important for Americans working in sectors of the economy facing the biggest hardships from COVID-19. As businesses of all sizes wrestle with mounting economic challenges and make hard decisions about their future, we must do everything we can to ensure that employees do not lose health coverage – which would make the harms and risks of COVID-19 much worse for hundreds of millions of people. We must also ensure that Americans who buy coverage on their own can continue to afford their coverage.

The changes we propose are critical to help stabilize the coverage and care that hundreds of millions of Americans are depending on right now.  Knowing that businesses and employees are supported, and that their care providers have the resources they need, are essential actions to help and support the people we serve.