AHIP Issues Statement After Midterm Elections

posted by Matt Eyles

on November 7, 2018

Matt Eyles, president and CEO of AHIP, issued this statement following last night’s midterm election results:

Americans want health care and coverage that are affordable, accessible, and comprehensive, and that protects those with pre-existing conditions. Health insurance providers are committed to delivering for them. We will continue to work with all policymakers on solutions that promote choice and competition, and that strengthen our ability to deliver for the nearly 300 million consumers our industry serves, whether they receive coverage through their employer, Medicare, Medicaid, or the individual market. We will continue to advocate for approaches that bring down out-of-control drug prices. And we will continue to offer new ways to promote access, affordability, and simplicity for consumers.

Affirmative votes on ballot initiatives in Idaho, Utah, and Nebraska to expand Medicaid demonstrate the value of Medicaid. AHIP and our Medicaid health plan members will continue to work with states to deliver coverage through programs that are effective, affordable and accountable to enrollees and hardworking taxpayers.

AHIP looks forward to working with the administration, all members of Congress, state policymakers, and every Governor – new and returning – to improve health care, affordability and coverage for all Americans.

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