AHIP Issues Statement Upon Filing An Amicus Brief With The Supreme Court Requesting Certiorari In TX V US

posted by Kristine Grow

on January 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Matt Eyles, president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), issued this statement as the association filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court requesting certiorari in TX v US and timely consideration of the validity of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Every American deserves affordable coverage and high-quality care. This has been – and always will be – our commitment.

“The district court’s original decision to invalidate the entire ACA was misguided and wrong. We urge the Supreme Court to grant certiorari and remove the overhanging legal uncertainty that undermines the stability of coverage for nearly 300 million Americans, and that inhibits greater and faster progress to improve coverage and care for everyone.

“As we indicate in our brief, returning this case to the district court on remand only delays what Congress has unmistakably indicated through its actions: that the ACA should continue in operation despite its zeroing out of the mandate. We are confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately recognize that zeroing out the mandate was never intended to wreak havoc across the entire American health care system.

“As we continue to engage in the legal process, health insurance providers remain committed to serving all of their members, and to strengthening affordability, access and choices for every American.”

Click here to read the amicus brief.

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