AHIP President And CEO Named A Healthcare Power Player

posted by AHIP

on November 20, 2019

We are very honored that Matt Eyles, AHIP president and CEO, has been named a Healthcare Power Player by Business Insider. Read the list.

At AHIP, Eyles has been heavily involved in the health care reform debate in Washington, as well as in efforts to lower the price of prescription drugs. He also has worked on addressing the social factors that shape health care through programs like Project Link.

Individuals on the list have made significant contributions to health care policy, which affects every American. Others on the list include Joe Grogan, director of President Donald Trump’s domestic policy council; Wendell Primus, senior policy adviser on budget and health issues to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Larry Levitt, executive vice president for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation; and Avik Roy, health care expert and head of  the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.

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