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AHIP Recommendations To Reduce Drug Prices And Costs For All Americans

posted by AHIP

on September 10, 2021

Everyone should be able to get the medications they need at a cost they can afford. But out-of-control drug prices—which are set and controlled solely by pharmaceutical manufacturers—are forcing too many hardworking Americans to choose between paying their bills and accessing life-saving medicines.

That’s why AHIP developed a set of principles to help address out-of-control drug prices and help more Americans get the medicines they need.  These principles include:

  • Promote Real Competition to Reduce Costs and Improve Affordability
  • Support Open & Honest Pricing Information and Help Patients Make More Informed Decisions
  • Deliver Greater Value to Patients

Drugmakers create life-saving treatments and breakthrough cures. But we should not have to choose between innovation and affordability. With the right solutions and genuine collaboration, we can have both.