AHIP Responds To President Trump’s Proposed Solutions To Lower Prescription Drug Prices

posted by Cathryn Donaldson

on May 11, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) responded to President Donald J. Trump’s proposed solutions to lower prescription drug prices for Americans, which were unveiled today:

“Prescription drug prices are out of control, and these high prices are set and raised year after year by drug manufacturers. Every day, millions of Americans are forced to make tough choices between paying for their lifesaving medications or paying their mortgage. Working together, we can do better.

“We commend President Trump and his Administration for their focus on this essential issue. Insurance providers have every incentive to lower drug prices for consumers, and we share the goal of getting the most clinically effective drugs into the hands of patients at the lowest cost. Several of the President’s proposed solutions will have a real impact on lowering the impact of drug prices on Americans. We support the Administration’s goals to:

  • stop Big Pharma from gaming the patent and regulatory systems to keep drug prices high.
  • keep drug prices from increasing at out-of-control rates.
  • increase flexibility for insurance providers to negotiate lower drug prices.
  • encourage doctors to prescribe lower-priced medications, and to offer their patients clear information about costs as they discuss treatments.

“We are concerned that some proposals would actually lead to higher costs for Americans, because they would weaken the ability of plans to negotiate lower prices. Insurance providers share the savings from negotiations with drug manufacturers by lowering premiums and copays for all consumers. Requiring drug rebates to be passed through to Medicare patients at the pharmacy counter would likely lead to higher drug prices from manufacturers, and would lead to higher premiums for seniors, as well as $40 billion in additional costs for hardworking taxpayers.

“We look forward to working together with the Administration, Congress, and other stakeholders to lower drug prices through market-based solutions that deliver real competition, create more consumer choice, and ensure open and honest drug prices that are driven by their value to patients.”

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