AHIP Responds To Proposed Rule On Improving Health Insurance Markets For 2022 And Beyond

posted by David Allen

on July 28, 2021

AHIP recently responded to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed rule on Updating Payment Parameters, Section 1332 Waiver Implementing Regulations, and Improving Health Insurance Markets for 2022 and Beyond, published in the Federal Register on July 1, 2021 (86 FR 35156).

In its response, AHIP applauds the Administration and Congress for taking significant steps to make coverage more affordable and expand enrollment in the Affordable Care Act’s individual market.  AHIP also provides comments aimed at building on the successes of the ACA to further expand access to affordable coverage in a manner that strikes an appropriate balance between promoting enrollment and avoiding policies that could undermine risk pool stability and lead to fewer options and higher premiums.