AHIP Statement For Energy And Commerce Hearing September 19, 2019

posted by AHIP

on September 19, 2019

On Septemeber 19, 2019, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) submitted a statement to the House Energy and Commerce Committee for the hearing on “Profits over Consumers: Exposing how Pharmaceutical Companies Game the System.”


AHIP firmly believes everyone should have access to the medications they need at an affordable cost. That’s why AHIP and our member health insurance providers support market-based solutions that hold drug makers accountable for high list prices that they alone set and control.

We support putting downward pressure on those prices through competition, consumer choice, and open and honest drug pricing. It is clear that legislative and regulatory action is necessary to address the broken drug market. Every health care purchaser whether they are a consumer, an employer, or a government, is currently harmed by the monopoly-like conditions and out-of-control prices made possible by that market failure, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with you to make prescription drugs more affordable for everyone.

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