AHIP Statement On Medicare Advantage

posted by Clare Krusing

on February 20, 2015

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C. — CMS today proposed additional cuts to 2016 Medicare Advantage payment rates on top of a nearly 10 percent cut over the last two years. While we continue to review the notice to determine the total impact on payment rates, below is a statement from AHIP President and CEO Karen Ignagni on the impact another round of payment cuts will have on the millions of seniors that rely on Medicare Advantage:

“There’s wide recognition that providing stability to the Medicare Advantage program is critically important for the more than 16 million seniors enrolled. CMS is now proposing additional cuts to Medicare Advantage at a time when health care costs are projected to increase. Protecting the millions who rely on this program should mean no further cuts. We will look carefully at the proposed changes to the Medicare Advantage program and will provide feedback on the impact of these policies on beneficiaries.”

“A bipartisan group of 53 senators recently sent a letter urging CMS to ‘minimize disruptions for beneficiaries enrolled in the MA program by maintaining payment levels and providing a stable policy environment for 2016.’ These senators add to a growing number of voices urging the agency to protect seniors, including a broad array of providers and stakeholders. As 2016 payment rates are finalized, we urge CMS to protect seniors from facing higher costs and fewer benefits by not cutting Medicare Advantage payments.”


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