AHIP Statements For House Hearings On Pre-Existing Condition Protections

posted by AHIP

on February 6, 2019

On February 5, 2019, AHIP submitted statements for congressional hearings that focused on protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Our statements emphasize that every American deserves affordable, comprehensive coverage—regardless of their income, health status, or pre-existing conditions. This has been a core principle for health insurance providers and a constant commitment by our industry. Every day health insurance providers act on that commitment by working to improve coverage, affordability, and access to high-quality care. We strongly believe that by working together, we can ensure that America’s health care markets deliver strong patient protections, as well as robust competition and choice that lead to greater affordability.

We also express our concerns about a December 2018 court ruling in litigation, Texas v. United States, which would invalidate all of the Affordable Care Act. We caution that this decision, if upheld, would deny coverage to more than 100 million Americans, including seniors, veterans, children, people with disabilities, hardworking Americans with low-incomes, young adults on their parents’ plans until age 26, and millions of individuals with pre-existing conditions. Almost everyone, regardless of where they get their health coverage, would be affected by the chaos and pain this ruling would inflict on the American people.

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