AHIP Urges Americans To Come Together For Peace And Positive Change

posted by Matt Eyles, President & CEO

on June 2, 2020

As protests continue across the United States, initiated following the killing of George Floyd and demanding justice and equality for all African Americans, Matt Eyles, president and CEO of AHIP, issued this statement:

First and foremost, I hope that you and your family members continue to be safe and healthy at this difficult time.  Your safety and well-being are our primary concern.

Across our country and in our own backyard of DC, we are going through a very challenging time. And just in the past few days, the situation has become much more dire. I am deeply saddened by the hurt, despair, anger and division that is playing out across our communities.

African Americans are hurting – people of color in our nation are hurting, as well as many others as you can see from the protests. These communities have been feeling the serious consequences of economic, social, and health disparities for centuries. The tragedy of George Floyd is just the most recent public example of the injustices they continue to face.

Let me make this clear: AHIP stands strong against discrimination and inequality. We are committed to fighting discrimination in all forms – in our offices, our communities, and our work.

We at AHIP will always find ways to be a voice that brings people together with shared humanity and courage.  We will continue to engage with a clear commitment to improve the health and well-being of every single person in our nation. That includes addressing health and access inequities among communities of color.

I know that in such a time of crisis for our nation, it will be hard to stay focused on the work at hand. I understand. Together, we will get through this. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your communities. Take care of your mental and physical health.

Be safe, as we continue to focus on our mission to serve all Americans.

Matt Eyles, President & CEO