Alexa, Ask Cigna ‘What Is An ACO?’

posted by Cigna

on April 10, 2018

How Cigna is having an AI-enabled conversation with consumers

In a world where we’re faced with an abundance of information every day, Cigna is on a mission to simplify the complex.

If we truly want health information and services to be as easy to access as ordering a book, we need to use similar methods to online retailers. Voice control offers an exciting and innovative way for us to engage people about health care in a way that is convenient for them.

That’s why Cigna recently entered the voice control space with the launch of the “Answers by Cigna” skill for Amazon Alexa. This new hands-free skill is designed to demystify language about health care by providing instant and easy-to-understand answers to more than 150 commonly-asked health care questions.

As the first global health service company to offer a skill aimed at personalizing and simplifying health benefits information, the service is more than just a glossary of terms. We’ve built user-tested intelligence into the free skill, which helps us understand what other questions people will ask and provide answers. For example, if someone asks, “What’s an HSA?”, we know they’ll likely also be curious as to what an FSA is. So, the skill will ask them if they want to know what an FSA is.

Most importantly, the skill offers us the opportunity to get to know those we serve better, so we can enhance how we educate people and calibrate the way we deliver information to consumers in a way that makes health care simpler.

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