Americans Happy With Their Provider Network

posted by AHIP

on February 12, 2016

An overwhelming majority of Americans under age 65 (87 percent, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey) report being satisfied with the choice of doctors available in their health plans. They’re also very satisfied with the value of health insurance coverage overall.

An important factor behind high levels of consumer satisfaction is provider networks, which provide access to a broad range of hospitals, physicians, and other providers. To build high-value networks, health plans start by identifying providers who consistently deliver high-quality care and then identify those who do so efficiently and cost effectively.  These high-value provider networks enable health plans to improve value for consumers.

Contracting with high-value providers also allows health plans to collaborate with providers to ensure they follow evidence-based standards. When consumers receive the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, they are more likely to be healthy, which helps hold down costs. A Milliman report found that high-value networks reduced premiums by between 5 percent and 20 percent. So you can see why health plans use high-value networks to help more people access high-quality, affordable health care – and that’s something consumers are happy about.

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