Booth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are exhibit booths assigned?

Exhibit booths are chosen by the exhibitors on a regular basis in the months leading up to the Institute conference.

Please email if you do not know your booth assignment.

Are there any restrictions on my display?

Yes, all display materials and equipment should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct the sight lines of neighboring exhibitors.  A maximum height of 8 feet is allowed in the back 5 feet of booth space, with a 4-foot restriction places on objects placed in the front 5 feet of the booth.  Equipment may exceed the 4-foot height limit imposed on the front half of the booth provided that it does not exceed 8 feet in height and does not obstruct the view of adjacent exhibits.  All booths must be carpeted.  No in-line booth may be covered with a canopy or ceiling.

Can I be a sponsor without exhibiting?

Yes, for information regarding non-exhibit sponsorship opportunities, please contact a member of the Business Affairs Team at or 866.707.AHIP (2447).

Is there Security in the Exhibit Hall?

We’ll have some staff in the hall overnight, but smaller and valuable items should be locked up or taken back to their rooms each day.  You are welcome to hire security staff for your specific booth only.

May I invite a local client, friend or family member to visit me in my booth?

Yes.  Please contact Lela Martinez ( and let them know if you are planning to do this.

What happens if I tear down early? 

Early tear down is disruptive and disrespectful to our attendees and other exhibitors.  Future participation at AHIP events may be jeopardized by not adhering to the schedule.

Special exceptions may be made on a need-only basis.  Please contact Lela Martinez ( prior to arriving at the show to discuss as needed.


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