Celebrating Caregivers During The COVID-19 Crisis

posted by AHIP

on November 23, 2020

Across the country 4.5 million direct workers and another 48 million friends and family are providing care for people in homes, residential care homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. The COVID-19 crisis has made that care even more essential, and the need for caregivers is expected to keep growing due to the growing number of older adults.

Health insurance providers continue to support legislation to help caregivers, according to AHIP’s new one-pager, including providing the necessary personal protective equipment, defining caregivers as essential employees, and increasing funding for home and community-based services.

“Each November we celebrate National Family Caregivers Month.  It is a chance to honor and recognize caregivers for the incredible value they bring to the lives of their loved ones and to the health care system. Millions of Americans can receive care where they choose thanks to the dedication and hard work of caregivers. As we look to the future, it will be important to continue supporting our caregivers to ensure that Americans get the care they need and deserve to live their best lives,” Michelle Martin, AHIP’s Executive Director, LTSS and Complex Care, said.

See the one-pager.

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