Prescribing The Future

posted by Ceridian

on March 19, 2020

The aging population, skilled labor shortages, and technology transformation are the biggest challenges in healthcare today.

Healthcare is facing a period of monumental change. Rapid technological advancement has made significant improvements to care accessibility and quality, while the shift to value-based care has influenced how it’s delivered, tracked, and measured. This rise of technology in the workplace, coupled with retiring baby boomers, has resulted in skilled labor shortages. But unlike other industries, healthcare is doubly strained by the aging population, with demand for services increasing as workers depart.

The workforce is feeling the burden of so much change. Burnout is a serious threat to employee engagement and retention, and lower-paid workers are flocking to retail to take advantage of rising minimum wages and fair scheduling regulations. Workers are dealing with a great deal of uncertainty, while patients’ expectations continue to grow.

The future of patient care depends on the strength and well-being of the healthcare workforce. To successfully navigate the changing landscape and build a future-ready workforce, employers must give the employee experience and patient outcomes equal attention.

Read this guide and learn how to:

  • Improve engagement and retention through a better employee experience
  • Prepare your workforce with the right skills for the future
  • Streamline recruiting for efficiency and make informed hiring decisions
  • Minimize the administrative burden on workers for a greater focus on patient care
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