Conference Exhibiting FAQs

How many people will attend the Institute?

For AHIP Institute & Expo 2017, we expect approximately 3,000 attendees.

Who attends the Institute & Expo?

Executive Leadership (C-Suite) – 15%
Senior Management (VP, Ex. VP, Sr. VP) –28%
Mid-Level Management (Director, Sr. Mgr, Mgr) –50%
Entry level/Administrative (Coordinator, assistant, associate, analyst, specialist) –6%
Others (MDs, actuaries, attorneys, academicians, media)-1%

How many exhibitors do you expect this year?

We expect around 200 exhibitors.

When is payment due?

Your payment due dates can be found on the first page of your sponsorship agreement.

If AHIP has not received payment according to the terms, you will be notified via e-mail and will have one week to submit payment.  If payment has not been received one week after the e-mail notice, your booth will be released and given to another applicant.

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