National Conferences On Medicare, Medicaid & Duals Sponsorship FAQs

How many people will attend the conference?

This year, we expect approximately 600 attendees, split between the various programs.

How many exhibitors do you expect this year?

We will have around 70 exhibitors.

What is the difference between a Sponsor Medicare/Medicaid full conference registration and a Medicare/Medicaid Exhibit Hall Only registration?

Exhibit Hall registrations will grant access to the exhibit area only.  They do not include any educational sessions.

Does my agreement include a lead scanner?

Yes, as a sponsor you will receive one lead scanner app license.  The app download information will be sent to the exhibit contact for your organization one week in advance of the show.  Once on site, leads scanned with the app are available in your online portal immediately.

Will I receive a list of conference attendees?

Yes, Angie will email this to you on a weekly basis (starting six weeks in advance of the conference).  The list contains names, titles, and organizations.  This will not contain any contact information as sharing that information is a violation of AHIP’s privacy policy.

When should I plan to have staff at our table?

Please refer to the exhibitor schedule located on the sponsor resource center.  The breaks will be the high-traffic times in the exhibit area.

Does the exhibit hall have wireless Internet?

Yes.  However, we recommend ordering a hard-wired Internet drop from the hotel if you need Internet for your table top display.  The order form can be found on the resource center.

When is payment due?

Your payment due dates can be found on the first page of your sponsorship agreement.

If AHIP has not received payment according to the terms, you will be notified via e-mail and will have one week to submit payment.  If payment has not been received one week after the e-mail notice, your table will be released and given to another applicant.

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