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2024 Medicare, Medicaid, Duals & Commercial Markets Forum

Mar 12 - 14, 2024
Baltimore, MD

The 2024 Medicare, Medicaid, Duals & Commercial Markets Forum focuses on the most pressing policy priorities, emerging issues and regulatory updates for Medicare, Medicaid, Duals, and the commercial market.

Conference Agenda

Get ready for a program focused on emerging business-critical issues and priorities, including:

More Details Coming Soon

  • Impacts of State Medicaid Eligibility Redetermination Processes following the end of the COVID PHE
  • Medicare Drug Price Negotiation and Other Prescription Drug Pricing Reforms
  • Federal and State Impacts of ERISA Preemption
  • Strengthening Surprise Billing Protections for Consumers
  • PBM Legislation
  • 11 Years of ACA Marketplaces: Updates on Coverage, Subsidies and Affordability
  • Health Equity Investment, Innovation and Scale: Moving from Vision to Impact
  • Trends and Opportunities in Health Coverage
  • 2024 Policy and Industry Outlook
  • Affordability and Innovation: Ensuring Medications Reach All Those Who Need Them
  • Leveraging Evidence-Based Interventions to Improve Behavioral Health Treatment
  • Site Neutral Payment Policies: Updates and Implications
  • Medicare Advantage and Part D Program Innovations and Changes
  • Advancing Interoperability and Improving the Prior Authorization Process
  • Promoting Choice and Affordability in the Individual and Small Group Insurance Markets
  • Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on the Part D Program
  • Leveraging Virtual Care to Expand Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Providers
  • Future of Employer-Provided Coverage
  • Innovations in Medicaid Managed Care and Programs Serving Dual Eligible Individuals
  • Evidence-Based Interventions for Obesity
  • MA and Part D Advance Rate Notice/Regulation: Implications for 2025 and Beyond
  • Transparency in Coverage: Regulatory Updates and Future Impacts
  • Combatting Health Misinformation and Rebuilding Trust in Health Care
  • New CMS Regulatory Requirements for MA & Part D
  • Health Policy and Politics in 2024 and Beyond
  • MA and Part D Marketing Rules: CMS Oversight & Expectations
  • Employer Perspectives on Value-Based Arrangements
  • Current Legal Issues in MA and Part D
  • Improving Health Equity Through Better Data Collection
  • Advancing Non-Medical Supplemental Benefits in MA
  • Best Practices for MA and Part D Program Audits