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Disability Healthcare Professional (DHP) Designation

The Disability Healthcare Professional (DHP) designation pairs two areas of expertise. Across five targeted courses, you’ll gain a solid foundation in both how the health insurance industry works and how disability insurance (DI) protects individuals from the financial losses that often occur from accidents or severe health afflictions. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of health insurance operations management, including cost management, pricing, sales, marketing, claims administration, policy issuance and renewal, customer service, government regulation, and fraud.

Learn, Achieve, and Succeed with These Online Courses

Start your path by completing these three courses:

Those first three courses (Disability Income, Parts I, II, and III) earn your Disability Income Associate (DIA) designation. But don’t stop there! To turn your DIA into a DHP, complete these two required courses (for a total of five courses):

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