Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate (HCAFA) Designation

Industry professionals at every level—from senior counsel to staff assigned to special investigation units (SIUs)—are challenged every day with detecting and stopping health insurance fraud. The Insurance Education’s HCAFA designation helps you understand types of health insurance fraud and abuse (provider fraud, consumer fraud, agent/broker/employee fraud); the impact of fraud on various coverage; legal issues; and methods of detection, investigation, and prevention.

To acquire the HCAFA designation, you must pass two mandatory online courses and one fraud webinars.

Required courses include:


*One Fraud webinar, live or on-demand

*Not all Fraud webinars count towards The Health Care Anti-Fraud Associate Designation (HCAFA) unless otherwise stated. For more information, please contact AHIP Support.


These 1 – 2 hour webinars are an opportunity to learn from your office about anti-fraud issues as well as earn credits towards your designation.

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