Long-Term Care, Part III (The Product)



Examine the specific provisions long-term care policies often contain and how they can best work. You’ll look at policy design, pricing, and regulation of provisions, such as inflation protection, renewal privileges, restoration of benefit, contingent non-forfeiture benefit, and others. You may take the course online or elect to attend a review workshop.

What You’ll Learn

  • The evolution of the long-term care insurance (LTCI) product and innovations insurers have made to better meet consumer needs
  • The impact of HIPAA
  • The primary components of LTCI, including benefit eligibility, benefit amounts, inflation protection, elimination periods, policy maximums, nonforfeiture, renewal, lapse, and other features
  • Premium calculation
  • The relation of long-term care insurance to other insurance products
  • The differences between group versus individual coverage
  • Relevant terms, industry issues, case scenarios, and key concepts

Who Should Take This Course

  • Agents and brokers who specialize in long-term care insurance
  • Health insurance plan staff
  • Corporate trainers responsible for development of sales staff
  • Financial planners
  • Plan sponsors and staff
  • Health underwriters
  • Claims analysts
  • Case managers, medical directors who seek more knowledge of insurance products
  • Consumers and others in related fields who seek more knowledge in this area


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  • $255 Non-members

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Long-Term Care Insurance Product: Policy Design, Pricing, and Regulation

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Earn a Designation

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Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP)

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