Network Management (AHM530)



Learn about the network management function in health insurance plans as this course provides you with insight into both network development strategies (recruiting, selection and contracting) and network maintenance strategies (managing provider performance and feedback). You’ll also learn about considerations for different types of networks.

What You’ll Learn

  • The scope and organization of the network management function in health plans
  • Network strategies for access, quality, and cost-effectiveness
  • The process for network provider recruitment and retention
  • Essential elements of a contractual relationship between health plans and providers
  • The primary responsibilities and obligations of health plans and providers under a provider contract
  • How health plans recruit and compensate primary care providers in different regions
  • How health plans select, contract with, and compensate specialists and healthcare facilities
  • Special requirements that affect network management for Medicare, Medicaid, and workers’ compensation networks
  • The history and current status of pharmacy network management
  • How health plans ensure their provider networks remain adequate to meet member needs

Who Should Take This Course

  • Employees who work for health care providers or health insurance plans and want to acquire the educational background to pursue a management position in the industry
  • Individuals seeking positions at health plans and providers with network management responsibilities
  • Case managers and medical directors who seek a broader administrative background
  • Educators at the college level who teach health care administration
  • Financial planners, and agents and brokers who specialize in life and health insurance
  • Medical management staff working in hospitals, health systems, HMOs, health insurance plans, and PPOs
  • Consumers and others in related fields who seek expertise in this area


  • $220 AHIP Members
  • $280 Non-members

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Earn a Designation

This course is good towards earning the following Academy for Healthcare Management designation:

Fellow, Academy for Healthcare Management (FAHM®)

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