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Supplemental Health Insurance

This online course examines the impact of the most recent Medigap legislation. You’ll explore in detail critical illness insurance, as well as the administration of supplemental coverage for vision, dental, hearing, specified disease and cancer, special risks, accidents, Medicare, and hospital services. You’ll also learn the latest on benefit plans to get a clearer perspective on what is likely to happen in the supplemental health insurance market in the future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The facts and features of major supplemental products in the marketplace, including hospital indemnity coverage, specified disease insurance, Medicare supplements, accident coverage, dental plans, and prescription drug plans
    The impact of the most recent legislation on Medigap
  • How to identify gaps in basic health insurance that create the need for additional coverage
  • How supplemental products protect individuals from financial risk
    The administration of supplemental policies
  • Relevant terms, industry issues, and key concepts

Who Should take this Course:

  • Employees of health plans who need a solid understanding of supplemental health insurance and Medigap
  • Agents and brokers who specialize in group and individual health plans
    Financial planners who seek more knowledge of products to meet client needs
  • Case managers and medical directors who seek more knowledge of insurance products
  • Consumers and others in related fields who seek expertise in this area


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Supplemental Health Insurance
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