Drug Of The Week: Ibrance

posted by Alicia Caramenico

on January 14, 2016

Pharmaceutical companies are ringing in the New Year with drug price increases. Since Jan. 1, Pfizer raised the prices for more than 100 of its drugs, Business Insider reported. Ibrance, a breast cancer drug and our latest Drug of the Week focus, was no exception. Ibrance launched last year at a price of $9,850 per month and now costs 5 percent more.

Health plans and patients are on the same side of cost challenge; we’re the ones paying the high prices of these cancer drugs. It’s time to look at the real consequences of over-the-top drug pricing, which is draining consumers’ pocketbooks and the U.S. health system’s finances.

With each arbitrary price hike, drug companies are demanding a blank check. But what patients really need is affordability and accessibility of critically important medicines.

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