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Take the next step in your leadership evolution. Apply today.

Take the next step in your leadership evolution. The call for applications for the 2021-2022 class is now open. 

Are you a current health insurance provider leader with the desire to engage in a discussion about where the industry is going and your role in its future? Apply to be part of the 2021-2022 class.

In this program, you will meet and have meaningful interactions with health plan and health care colleagues from across the country you wouldn’t otherwise meet. It provides you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the industry through first-hand conversations with others facing similar challenges. It also provides unparalleled leadership development that spans the entire year unlike typical leadership development courses that span an 8-hour session. I have grown as a leader thanks to this program.
Angela Eberhardt, Senior Director, Provider Network Operations Management, Medica Health Plans

Application checklist

  • Application form (writeable PDF) with detailed organizational profile
  • Curriculum vitae or résumé outlining your professional and educational achievements
  • Letter of recommendation
  • $200 non-refundable application fee
  • Essay 1 (one page max.), detailing:
    • An outline of your expectations for the program;
    • A list of professional goals and objectives for your ELP or ELP-MD experience;
    • A list of three specific leadership/management competencies that you need to develop to improve your professional performance;
  • Essay 2 (one page max.), addressing from your perspective:
    • What do you think you bring to the ELP program?
    • What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader? How would your supervisor answer this question? How would your direct reports answer this question?
    • Think back to an instance of strong disagreement or conflict with a colleague or team member during a meeting. Explain how you handled the situation. Do you think it was the right way to handle it? Why or why not? If it were to happen again, would you handle it the same way? Why or why not?
    • What has been your biggest challenge as a leader in your health plan?  Why do you think this is the case? How did you overcome it? Or alternatively what do you think you need in order to overcome it?
  • Essay 3 (one-page maximum), addressing from your perspective:
    • What do you think is the average consumer’s perception or view of the health insurance plan community? What do you think is the cause of that perception/view? What should the health insurance plan community do to counter or capitalize on that view?

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