Empowering Consumers To Live Their Best Lives

posted by Karin VanZant

on June 1, 2016

The Medicaid program is a critical safety net for beneficiaries, and Medicaid health plans address beneficiaries’ needs beyond health care to improve their economic stability and social well-being. That’s why our team at CareSource is helping our members transition toward greater independence and job security through our Life Services program.

Here’s how it works:

Our Life Services program connects CareSource members with community resources that help them to achieve stability, well-being, housing, education, and community involvement. This ensures our members set out on a sustainable path to success, and provides them with the support they need and deserve.

Over the past 15 months, we’ve worked with hundreds of members in southwest Ohio, providing critical tools and resources so they can take advantage of job opportunities and resources to sustain their lives. CareSource Life Coaches assist members by identifying employment opportunities and reliable childcare, interview preparation, and dependable transportation as they work to change their current circumstances.

This innovative program tells a powerful and compelling story about empowering individuals to achieve a higher quality of life and improved health as they begin to build a foundation for themselves. The CareSource Life Services participant data grows daily as Medicaid members volunteer to join the program. The third quarter member data are listed below.

  • 824 consumers have volunteered to participate
  • 387 consumers have worked with coaches and advocates to find employment or educational opportunities
  • 124 consumers are now employed
  • 96% of consumers have retained employment
    • 84%: Re-entry retention rate
  • 100 community resource partners and 42 employment partners

Each day, our program grows stronger. Job security is important because it enhances the economic outcome of those who participate in the program. The CareSource Life Services concept is recognized as an intervention to unmet needs of Medicaid members that can reduce dependency on governmental services. It was just recently recognized with a Pinnacle Award from the Ohio Association of Health Plans (OAHP) honoring health insurers who have launched initiatives that have become “best practices” in addressing certain challenges affecting health care.

Karin VanZant is Executive Director Life Services at CareSource.

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