5 Lessons Learned Managing Total Costs of Care
for Acute Episodes

  • November 01, 2021
  • 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET
  • Online

Acute episodes of care are responsible for 50% of health insurance providers’ total cost of care, and 60% of that spend happens after the patient leaves the hospital. With 20 years of value-based hospitalist practice know-how, we help health insurance providers align their own hospitalist networks to improve continuity, reduce over-utilization and adverse outcomes, and support risk adjustment and quality star ratings through accurate and comprehensive documentation.

John Dickey, CMO of Sound Physicians, will share experiences through managing over 400,000 episodes and $10 billion in at-risk spend to deliver value-based care outcomes in acute care.

Attendees will learn about:

  • How to align physicians around managing cost across the acute episode
  • The need to create purpose-built clinical workflows enabled by technology
  • Always focusing on the right patients
  • Rigorous performance management and provider feedback through a clinician scorecard helps with accountability
  • How physician oversight of acute and post-acute settings helps the patient once they leave the hospital


John Dickey MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sound Physicians

John Dickey is Sound Physician’s Chief Medical Officer, Population Health. Sound Physicians is one of the largest physician-led companies in the United States and the largest physician participant in the BPCI program with Medicare. He joined Sound in 2014 as a Hospitalist and quickly became involved in Sound’s Population Health efforts.

Sound Physicians has led the way with improving quality and reducing costs in the 90-day episode of care. His innovative care models and management processes have contributed to Sound-leading improvements in the use of post-acute care and in patient outcomes. Through his leadership, his team has successfully expanded their effective clinical model to an ever broadening patient populations through Medicare Advantage, ACOs, and other private payers.

John is passionate about working together as a team to accomplish the goals in population health for the betterment of our patients and sees the journey of medical care redesign as an enormous opportunity to bring quality improvements for our patients.